Kundalini and Me

This is not an article that explains what Kundalini energy is, as if read from an encyclopedia. Rather, I want to tell you about my experience with it, discovering it, experimenting with it, struggling with it and finally learning how to harness it, to use it to heal people, as Energy Work.

Had I never discovered Kundalini and had it never chosen me, in a way, I would still be a working psychic, I’m sure. But this strange and powerful energy has enabled me to affect people from a distance, stop the cruelty between two people who love each other, to put the brakes on a divorce, to stop or reverse a breakup, to change the course of so many lives.  

I’ve never met any of these people in person. Well, except for in the beginning, when I was still discovering how to use Kundalini as a way of moving energy. Some of this moving of energy can be learned by nearly anyone. You can take a class on Kundalini meditation or do Kundalini Yoga. This will give you a taste of it. Perhaps you’ll have a brush with it. But I took it much further. And it took me into the very strange and wonderful world of what is sometimes referred to as “Distance Healing” or Energy Work.

I was already giving psychic readings quite frequently, when a girlfriend of mine at the time, also a working psychic, told me about Kundalini Meditation. Back then, I meditated daily, but was more interested in Zen Meditation, the quieting of the mind. She told me there was an energy that lived at the base of the spine, that is was considered to be the “life force” – and that through breathing and visualization, one could awaken this energy and move it through your body. Then she added that there were already some people who had learned how to take that energy and touch another person, thus sending this energy into their body. She said it was much more powerful than Reiki and I was intrigued.

I found a book that depicted the Kundalini Energy as two firey snakes, each climbing up the spine, circling and hitting all of the chakras. Chakras are energy points on the body, that connect to the psyche and the soul. This image helped me with my Kundalini meditation and soon I found that the energy had reached my mind and then, my Third Eye Chakra. This chakra exists between the eyes, but a little higher. It is believed that Psychics have an opened Third Eye Chakra and I have found this to be so.  

My psychic visions were becoming clearer and more frequent. My psychic accuracy, with my clients was reaching new heights. But that experience had reached a new dimension, when I was speaking to someone who was having a panic attack. I felt not compelled really, but lead. I felt lead to bring the Kundalini Energy in my own body and in my consciousness to the surface. And I placed the tip of my finger gently on his forehead. And he fell gently, onto a couch, where he lay quietly, about 20 minutes, in a state of total bliss.

As you can imagine, I was a little freaked out. I wondered if it was just some kind of placebo. I wasn’t sure what kind of energies I was messing with, whether it was okay to continue. But word got out that I could stop anxiety in a person by placing my finger on their forehead and soon many of those whom I was helping were asking for this. I later learned this was actually an ancient ritual, in India, called Shaktipat. It was natural and did not use dark energies. Without any formal training and a limited knowledge of the Vedic scriptures, I was performing Shaktipat.  

It wasn’t until someone called me, from another country, asking if there was anything I could do to get her husband to listen to her and stop being so influenced and seduced by another woman at his job – it was this request, that caused me to investigate the possibility of using the Kundalini Energy, to not only reach someone at a distance, someone whom I had never met (her husband), but to send this energy in such a way as to elevate that person’s consciousness - so that the heart chakra would open, causing him to get out of a reactive state and instead, to listen to his heart. That was the first time. It took several weeks of trying this every day, but it worked. And this is what I now refer to as Energy Work.

I learned that Kundalini Energy, once harnessed by a Clairvoyant, was not held back by distance. All I had to do was to tune into the other person’s consciousness, which I could pick up by communicating with this man’s wife. It only took speaking with her once and I knew how to reach her husband’s consciousness, just like memorizing a phone number. And since his Spirit Guides told me that his soul wanted to heal, I had permission to try to heal him. It worked and he never knew I existed or what it was that caused him to get out of his head, get out of his anger, his confusion and his fear - and to start listening to his heart again. That marriage was no longer falling apart. Rather, it was now growing and evolving, even long after I stopped working on it. This was my first successful experience with this type of Energy Work - the first of many. 

I’m writing this piece here in 2006 and that was a long time ago *. But I’ve been doing this sort of Energy Work ever since. And I expect I will be doing so for many years to come. Hundreds of people have reached out for help and I expect that soon it will be in the thousands. I have found my calling and that is to allow myself to be a vessel for this healing energy, to reach across the world when it must and to open closed hearts, to save love when it is in danger and to boost love, when it is not reaching its potential. This is who I am and that is what I do.


* THE ARTICLE ABOVE WAS WRITTEN IN 2006: But I wouldn’t change a word. I just keep it on my website, for those who are interested to know about Kundalini, what it can do and what I can do with it. Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey into the world of Distance Healing.

All the best, Master John Paul.




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