Getting into a rut is complicated, but getting out of it doesn’t have to be.  Once a person finds themselves in a rut, there are many factors involved with keeping them there. This goes far beyond just one’s attitude and set of circumstances. The brain itself gets sort of hardwired to stay in the rut.  All of one’s thoughts begin to travel along the same neural pathways until a sort of dull erosion occurs. This can sometimes feel impossible to get out of, but it isn’t. You do not have to be stuck. There is a way out.

When you feel derailed, held back, stuck in a ditch, there is an intelligence to the situation. In other words, life (or your Higher Self) is telling you something. And with the right guidance you can find out what that message is telling you and how best to respond. You can not only get out of your rut, but in fact rise up like a Phoenix out of the ashes – the ashes of regret, of heartbreak, of a loss of confidence in yourself or a loss of faith in the goodness of people, a loss of faith that life has any meaning.

Although to some this statement may sound vague, or just “hippy dippy new age” – there exists an emerging science of consciousness which is changing even science itself. Scientists are finding out what sages and Metaphysicians have known for millenia – that consciousness affects form.

I have, in my many years of helping others professionally, guided my clients out of all kinds of situations in which they thought it was next to impossible to rise above and move beyond. So much of the time the root of a problem can be identified at the Metaphysical level – energy.

However, books such as “The Secret” are highly misleading in this area.  In fact this kind of transformation requires a level of expertise for consciousness to accurately and effectively change future outcomes.  It requires more than therapy, self help books or positive affirmations.

Radical change in one’s direction takes a lot of Metaphysical power.  If you are serious about altering the course of your life, leaving the old baggage and the negativity behind and finally being free – talk to me. I look forward to being of service to you in creating a new and better future.


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Master John Paul saved my marriage

I was in the final stages of a what looked like a definite divorce when I contacted JP. He used different psychic techniques to put my relationship back on track and to avoid a devastating heart break. My marriage has been saved from this work thanks to the Master.


I have given accurate psychic readings to thousands of people around the world. If I were not accurate, my clients would not keep coming back. I offer discreet, confidential psychic solutions which are more effective than even love spells. There is no problem which does not have a solution. I can help you to see around corners. Know problems before they happen and avoid them. Make the best choices for the most successful of outcomes.  My area of specialty is in how to get your ex back.

Attract people and opportunities into your life that you desire. And, avoid those situations that take so much from you and give nothing back.  In other words, use my spiritual gifts to design the life you want to live, were meant to live and deserve.

If there are obstacles in your path, I will show you how to remove those obstacles. Life is hard enough. So, why not use every advantage available to you?

"I don't see how you could get any better than permanent results"

Psychic Healing is possible.  Why is this? Because every problem, even a deep emotional scar, has a metaphysical component to it. What does this mean? It means that all of the talk therapy in the world can only reach so far into your psyche. When the soul longs to be healed, there is only so much that clinical psychology, meds, or just waiting for time to pass by can do.

A psychic wound requires healing. And it will stay with you until you deal with it.  Psychic wounds are so often what hold us back. A psychic wound is very often what can keep you stuck in a repeating cycle in your life. Often this repeating cycle goes on for years, even decades. And it’s all too common that one or both of your parents also had the same or similar psychic wound as well. But you can break the chain.  You can stop the cycle. You can heal.

Some people heal on their own, although is this rather rare. Healing of the soul requires that we ask for help. For so many of us, asking for help is the hardest thing to do, especially when the wound runs deep.

We want to protect the wound. Like an injured animal, we may snap at anyone who dares try to help us. Sometimes we might even punish those who love us enough to care. And yet, paradoxically, one wishes so badly for the wound to simply go away.

In all of my years of doing what I do, I have noticed that when a person is ready, and I mean really ready, the healing can begin. And I have other good news for you.  It’s never as hard as you thought it was going to be. I have had so many clients, over the years, tell me that they wished they hadn’t put off this process for so long.

If you are reading these words right now, and this message speaks to you, please contact me here.  If I can help you I will. I have helped many, many people to transform and to overcome the obstacles, both outer and inner, which had held them back – obstacles which no longer exist.

Psychic healing is a journey and an adventure. But most of all it’s a relief. If you’re happy being stuck, don’t let me ruin that for you. But if you are at a point in your life where you are ready to open locked doors, leave the hurt behind and start to feel a sense of fulfillment like you have never dreamed possible, then it’s time to get to work. I look forward to hearing from you, and you should thank yourself for taking the time to read this.

To know your future is to change your future.

To change your future is to become the author

of your own destiny.



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