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1 - How are Psychics able to see the future?

I would say that "Psychic" is sort of a broad term, as there are many kinds of psychics. Some tune into Spirit Guides, some are very skilled at reading Tarot Cards and combining that with their high intuitive process, some feel that Angels are guiding them. I have known a couple of world class psychics who say they have no idea how they do it - and they have been proven to be consistently very accurate. But here's how I do it: Future events are largely determined by the trajectory you are already on. And within your consciousness is sort of this blueprint for that trajectory. So the first thing I do, whether we are talking on the phone, or I'm reading an email you sent me, is to tune into your consciousness. This shows me where you're going. I have an unusual approach, because most people come to me wanting to change their future. So the next step for me is to tune into your Spirit Guides and ask them for help. Your Spirit Guides will direct me and reveal what is meant to be revealed at that time. Then I can tell you where you have been, where you are now, where you are currently heading - and, perhaps most important, how to change the outcome of your future.

2 - Do you use black magic or any kind of dark energy? If I work with you, am I not trusting God? Am I messing with something that can come back on me?

When I work with people, I turn to God first and foremost. I do not deal in black magic or dark energy. These things really do exist and that is why I advise people not to buy spells online. How could you possibly know what you're getting, by simply seeing something attractive, like "Bring My Lover Back to Me" and then hitting the "Add to Cart" button? Now that is dangerous. When I am asked to change a person's future outcome, if that person can be helped, I call upon natural, positive energies - energies that bring us closer to God, not direct us away from God. I have committed my life to help to end suffering and to bring people closer to fulfillment, happiness and having love in their hearts. And I am blessed to have the privilege to do so.

3 - How did you discover that you had psychic ability?

In my pre-teens, whenever I played card games and someone handed me a card, I noticed that I would get a sort of flash inside my psyche, that would tell me something about that person. And sometimes I would tell the other kids about this and it sort of freaked them out, because what I was saying was true. A few years later, I noticed that I would have dreams where portions of that dream would come true. Then I started going to psychics and asking them about this. Finally I found mentors who were able to help me to distinguish, between all that noise we all have in our heads - which voice is the psychic voice. With some practice, I got good at being able to identify a psychic hit. As an adult, I gave Tarot readings and was so accurate that people started paying me to do this. At first I didn't think it was right to accept money for this. I was still very young. But then someone pointed out that, if I went to work at an office, I would have less time to help people. Whereas, if I charged for my services, I could help people every day. As word got around that I was a pretty reliable psychic, I quickly had quite a client base. I didn't advertise. Back then people came to me by referral. By the time I was in my 30s, I had mastered the art of distance healing, which is being able to use certain energies to heal, or to change the direction of a person's life. This was not done with spells, but rather with what is called "Energy Work". Doing Energy Work for a couple decades, I got really good at it - especially with anything that has to do with love. So I have made that my area of focus. Just as a doctor can be a General Practitioner, or they can be a specialist, I became a specialist at using energy work to help people change a direction they were on - so they could get what their heart needed in order to be fulfilled.

4 - What do you think about James Randi and why don't you take his Million Dollar Challenge?

James Randi prides himself in exposing fake psychics. And in some cases, he has been very successful with this and I commend him for it. I looked into the million dollar challenge and realized, there is no way I can do this. I requires a rare ability called "Remote Viewing". For instance, someone could hold up a card, that you can't see and ask you, "What card am I holding?" I have no idea. The CIA has used psychics, quite a bit actually, during the Cold War, to locate Russian submarines and things like that. And they kept the program going because it works. However, most psychics do not have the gift of Remote Viewing. Those who do are often very helpful to the police, in locating missing persons. That is not where I shine, so best to stick with what you are good at. Finally, a word about James Randi. He's a professional magician and is actually called "The Incredible James Randi". Go to Google and type in "James Randi Pedophile". This is not someone who can be trusted and not someone whom I want to help become more famous. You can arrive at your own conclusions. He has also smeared many very valid and real psychics, as a career, as this has brought him more notoriety than pulling rabbits out of hats. 

5 - Can you use your psychic ability to see your own future?

Nope. And I have never met a psychic who can. There are a lot of theories as to why this is. But to me it's rather obvious. We are too close to the situation. Now, my heightened intuition has helped me to make good decisions about my own life. If those of us who are legitimate psychics could see our own futures, perhaps many of us would go play the lottery. But that's just not how it works. Clearly this is not the reason God gave us our spiritual gifts and abilities. Psychic energy should only be used for the good of all involved and it should never be abused - not to exploit an opportunity out of self interest - and certainly not to exploit other people. Actions have consequences and, any psychic who is using their ability to exploit people will have their own karma to deal with. Sadly, there are a lot of store front Fortune Tellers who do just that. This is part of why I feel it is fair and appropriate for me to offer the one free question, to anyone who is considering using my services.

6 - What do you think is happening with the world? Are things getting worse?

Things are always getting better and getting worse at the same time, as this is the nature of the world. The 20th Century gave us so many improvements in our lives, too many to list, but we reduced disease and increased education, decreased starvation, improved human rights. But remember, we also had 2 world wars. This world maintains a balance of positive and negative. And if you can align yourself with the positive energies, you will have a happier life, with less suffering and more abundance of love. 


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