Are You in Love?

Are you in love? How do you know? Do you ever wonder, is it just infatuation? Could it be obsession? What if it's just a phase? How do you know for sure if you are in love? I will tell you...

Love, by it's very nature is not rational. If we were all perfectly rational beings, like say Dr. Spock (from Star Trek) none of us would bother with it. Too much uncertainty, risk of pain, the need for sacrifice and the fear of heartbreak. So if you are in love, but are also experiencing moments of obsession, for instance, that seems to come with the territory. It's a horrible and wonderful feeling. Love can be confusing at times...

Love is powerful, like a tidal wave, from an ocean that can drown you. And love is peaceful, like the still blue waters of a tropical beach, holding you as you float in a state of bliss.

Love can set your mind at ease and love can make you feel like you are losing your mind.

Love gives our lives meaning because love is the meaning of life. Without love, we wonder what we are doing here.

Love gives to us and it takes from us. Love requires, in fact demands sacrifice and forgiveness. And yet love gives us a reason to wake up feeling fulfilled and a reason to look forward to coming home.

Is it normal if love sometimes makes us Jealous? Of course! Why wouldn't it be? What could be more important than love? Nothing. To worry, or even panic, about losing the love in our lives is natural. 

But how do we know whether to trust our feelings? How do we know if the love we feel is real? And how do we know if the one we love, loves us back? I would say, you trust your inner voice, your intuition, your heart. But what if you are confused still? I believe that this is why God gave a small percentage of the people the gift of Clairvoyance. The word itself literally means "clear seeing". And it also means "Psychic". 

There are good psychics and bad psychics and fake psychics. But when you find a good psychic, if you are confused about the most important part of your life, that being love, then your Spirit Guides will direct that psychic to lift the fog - to show you what is real and what is false. A good psychic will direct you towards true and lasting love and will protect you from those who will only hurt you.

What is love? Are you in love? 

I have been advising people who are wrestling with these questions for over 25 years. And if you feel I can help you, I would be happy to talk with you. If you need help, all you have to do is ask. You may contact me at: and I will look forward to hearing from you.

I believe in love. And I know my purpose, in this life. I live to bring more love into the world and to help others to find their way, toward experiencing deeper love, wider love, bigger love and lasting love. This is my calling. Don't hesitate to ask for help. That is why I exist.

Have a blessed day,



There is only one thing you must do right in this life. If you fail, I promise you will be unhappy. And if you succeed, I promise your life will be fulfilling. All you need to do is truly, deeply, honestly and authentically love somebody. Love them with all of your heart and love them whether they deserve it or not.

Whatever you have lost in this life, if your innocence has turned to cynicism, if your hope has turned into a broken heart, you will get it all back. All you have to do is love and love foolishly and recklessly, love like there is no tomorrow. Love as if there is no shortage of love to give away. Because the truth is, you have not run out. The well never runs dry. Love is a force which animates those who are alive as it is love that is the life force.

If you’re stuck and in a rut, find someone to love. If you find you hate yourself, find someone to love. If the world has let you down, find someone to love. If you feel that everything has been taken from you, find someone to love. The meaning of the word “grace” is an undeserved gift. Be graceful and be gracious. If you find someone to love who does not deserve your love, you have met your guru.

A “guru” is simply a dispeller of darkness. If you are tired of being alone in the dark, find somebody to love. Love is your true nature. Love is your beautiful nature.

Life is a short term deal. Live it while you can, flaws and all. Live it with your heart open wide, even in those moments where you can feel the sadness of the whole world and it feels like your heart will break wide open. Let it break. No one gets out of here without a broken heart.

We take the highs with the lows or not at all. Why sleepwalk through this life? Why live like the dead when to do so is not living at all? You only have one thing to do in this world, to get right with yourself, to get right with God, to get right with the world and that is to love without shame. The love you end up giving yourself and the love the world gives you will be immeasurable, although loving is its own reward.Your beautiful nature is all you ever had to offer. And you take it back by giving it away. Love foolishly, because only a fool for love knows what it means to love at all.




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