About Master John Paul

"The past is just a story we tell ourselves. The future is a story we have yet to write. The present is that moment of heightened possibility, so profound, we often run to the past or the future in order to escape it. And yet the blueprint for your future life is contained in this moment, right here, right now..."

- Master John Paul

Repair a Broken Heart - Stop a Divorce - Reverse a Breakup - Get Your Ex Back

I wanted to give you a little insight into my background and how I might be able to help you. First, I have been using my spiritual gifts for healing and providing psychic guidance for over 25 years. This is now my third decade of listening to a higher voice helping people to heal, to find love, to save a troubled relationship, provide direction in business and financial matters, inspire spiritual growth and a lot more. I have clients all over the world and I solved relationship problems for countless people, over that period of time. 

When I think about where I started and where I ended up, it almost seems unreal. By now I have clients in nearly every country on the planet. I have given thousands of psychic readings. And I have been asked to use my abilities with Energy Work to stop divorces, reverse breakups and intervene in other matters of the heart, by thousands of people.

But that said, not everyone can be helped. Not every relationship can be saved. To know what relationships have a future and which ones are just over with requires experience and psychic accuracy. For more about my accuracy and track record, you may want to spend a moment reading some of MY CLIENT TESTIMONIALS.

A Psychic is someone who is often referred to as "Clairvoyant". The word literally means "clear seeing". Most of us can only perceive what our sense organs are able to see, hear, feel, smell or touch. But there does exist a small percentage of people who also posses a sixth sense - some more than others. What I find fascinating and exciting is that there are more people with this ability, since about the sixties. I believe this has to do with the overall collective consciousness of the planet elevating. Yes, there is a lot of chaos and trouble out there, but there is also an awakening that is occurring. During this incarnation, I seem to have been born right into that.

Historically, psychics would discover their abilities around their 30s or so. And they harness that ability, to the point of being able to help others, with their sixth sense. I, like many others, have always had this ability and started using it very young. However, it wasn't until my late twenties (I'm forty-something now) that I discovered Kundalini Energy - and became aware of its healing power. It took me several years to learn how to help others with this energy. And it took a few more years to be able to do it with people I have never met in person. Now, at this stage of the journey, I have mastered Energy Work, when it comes to solving matters of the heart. 

I'm often asked, "How can you do a psychic reading if the person is on the phone?" and the answer to that is the same as the answer to "How can you be so accurate, doing psychic readings by email?" The fact is, I'm more accurate when I do not see who I am talking to. There is no room for bias on my part. I have to rely 100 percent on the psychic hits I get, when tuning into your energy.

The Internet hosts a lot of websites for fake psychics, no doubt about that. But the Internet has also been a blessing for many real psychics, good psychics. It has forced us to get better at what we do. After all, you're not sitting across from me. I don't get to see if you came to me in a fancy car, or walked, or took the bus. I have to rely completely on what your Spirit Guides are showing me. And this allows for a better connection between us, so that you can get the help you need.

We are not human beings who have consciousness, after all. We are consciousness who is currently taking the shape of a human being. But your consciousness is the part of you that is the most real. And it is your consciousness that I tune into when I provide psychic advice. 

When it comes to Energy Work, for instance when someone comes to me and asks if I can stop a divorce, or reverse a breakup or to help them get their ex back - I tune into that person's consciousness and from there, I can tune into the consciousness of the other person they are asking me about. It usually only takes me a moment or two and it becomes very clear, rather quickly, if this relationship can be saved. If it cannot, I will let you know and even tell you why. But if there is any kind of metaphysical technique, whether that be a Spell or some type Energy Work, I will let you know that as well. 

Although there is clearly a broad spectrum of, in terms of what I can do to help others, using Kundalini Energy, I find that I am most effective when it comes to matters of the heart. Therefore, in recent years I have focused almost exclusively on that. Just like a doctor can be a General Practitioner or a Specialist, in the same way, I am a specialist. I focus on healing relationships and removing the obstacles that stand in the way of making a relationship grow and thrive and become strong and stable.

For many years I worked by referral only. I have never had a storefront fortune telling business. That just never felt right to me, although there are some wonderful psychics out there, who do work in that way, it's just not for me. I wanted to provide an online service whereby you can have one free question and I, or one of my associates, will tell you in a straight forward way, whether or not your relationship can be saved and, if so how and, if not, why.

I work with some Psychic Partners and some apprentice Psychic Healers. And each year we manage to save a lot of troubled relationships, using Energy Work and Kundalini. If you feel I can help you, there is a link below to ask a question about your situation, for free. If you are already a client of mine, then we have already covered this ground and I hope be able to use the gifts that God has given me, to help you lead a happier, fuller, richer life and experience fulfillment in your heart as it is filled with love.


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Is Someone Else Interfering?

You need to know what your options are. Can this person be removed? If so, how, when? Is your relationship worth it? Will it be permanent? Do not wait to find out the hard way, when the answers are absolutely free.


Master John Paul saved my marriage

I was in the final stages of a what looked like a definite divorce when I contacted JP. He used different psychic techniques to put my relationship back on track and to avoid a devastating heart break. My marriage has been saved from this work thanks to the Master.


Repair a Broken Heart - Stop a Divorce - Reverse a Breakup - Get Your Ex Back

When it comes to authentic psychics, there are many kinds. Some are born with Clairvoyant abilities. Some even come from a long line of (mostly women) family members who are born with the gift.  Some refine the gift by learning from their mother or grandmother. Some do not study or refine it at all, they just get better by doing – sort of like learning on the job.

There are those who have become psychic as the result of an injury or a near death experience. There are also phony “psychics” who use NLP and cold reading techniques to create an illusion for money.

Some psychics are people who have had premonitions all their lives, but around mid-age the premonitions increase in frequency and accuracy, and so they seek to learn more about their gifts.  And many of them end up working in the field professionally.

Clairvoyance is a strange and mysterious gift and little is understood about it.  But there is a new science emerging, a science of consciousness, which seeks to explain the paranormal and find ways to harness this incredible ability to see the past, present and future as all being a part of the same landscape.

For me personally, the premonitions began when I was very young.  By my late teens I was able to use the Tarot Cards, without even understanding what each card means in the traditional sense, and I could give an accurate psychic reading.

I read books on psychic awareness, but this did nothing to improve my accuracy.  Then I found a mentor who showed me how to tap into another level of consciousness through meditation.  I learned how to quiet the mind.  Every one of us has several “voices” in our minds, telling us what we ought to do, what we think, what we want, and so on.  It is very difficult to know, if you are a real psychic, which of those voices are psychic and which ones are just your own bias.

When my study of psychic awareness began to incorporate both meditation and a continuing study into the nature of consciousness, my accuracy dramatically improved over the years that followed.  I will never stop being a student.  Even though I have long since achieved a level of psychic mastery, I keep improving my meditation practice.  I keep reading up on scientific breakthroughs with regard to how consciousness affects form.  I incorporate science and reason into my craft.  I am constantly aware of my surroundings, always “listening” as I feel intuitively invited to keep looking deeper and discovering more.

So, when you enlist my services, you are not getting a storefront gypsy psychic (although actually some of those can be very accurate).  I am a natural born psychic intuitive who has achieved a level of mastery, a very high level of accuracy and I continue to refine my practice through meditation and an ongoing study into the science of consciousness, the nature of time and how one can see around corners, cause a psychic hit, and know certain future events before they happen – with stunning accuracy.

What gives life meaning is to evolve. We become depressed when we go in the opposite direction. Evolution in our relationships brings them to their highest potential.  

Love relationships, with other human beings, give our life meaning. However, such relationships are severely restricted, in their potential, when we don't have a good relationship with ourselves.  

Learning to love yourself is how you invite loving relationships into your life and keep them.  It's also often the hardest thing to do.  
I provide guidance to help you to achieve radical self-acceptance. Through this kind of healing, all things are possible.

When the usual solutions fail, it is time to bring in a professional, a grounded master, highly experienced in the Metaphysical Arts.
Change your future - Today!


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